Consulting Services for US Developers Seeking Chinese Investors

Phase 1. Review and Revise Client’s Promotional Materials

  • Project Brochure
  • Business Plan
  • Economic Impact Studies and Economist’s Endorsement
  • Experienced Immigration Attorney Brochure
  • Government and/or State Registration
  • Government and/or State Endorsements
  • Examples of Client’s Experience Helping Chinese Investors to Successfully Obtain their EB-5 Visas

Phase 2. Internet &Social; Media Promotion of Client’s Project

  • Blog & Website Creation & Maintenance
  • Booklet & Power Point Presentation Creation
  • Baidu, Weibo, WeChat, Weiboyi, etc.
  • Website Creation and Localization
  • SEO / SMM / SMO, etc.

Phase 3.1. Locate and Contact Agents & Direct Investors in China for Client’s Project Promotion

  • List of Names, e-mail Addresses, Telephone & Fax Numbers and Mailing Addresses
  • Proposal by Fax, Mail & e-mail
  • Follow-up Telephone Calls
  • Telephone Number in China (with EB-5 Expert) to Receive Calls
  • Personal Meetings with Interested Agents & Potential Investors
  • Due Diligence of Agents (Identification of Qualified Agents, License Verification, Professional Training, Progress Reporting)

Phase 3.2. Locate and Contact Student Children of Potential Direct Investors Studying in American Universities

  • Through Student Associations, Churches, etc.
  • Through Social Media
  • Through e-mail

Phase 4. Project Management in China

  • Data Collection
  • Analysis of Agent’s and Direct Investor’s Feedbacks
  • Resolution of Financial and Legal Issues
  • Management of Agent’s and Direct Investor’s Relationship
  • Establish an Office
  • Day-to-day Business Support